Junior School

Ages 4-7

Our Orange singing classes take on a different structure to that of the older groups. We like to make singing fun! Therefore, our orange singing classes are filled with musical games and fun, silly warm ups (and maybe some sweets too). We don’t expect all our oranges to be able to read and although song sheets are supplied to be used at home, the teacher will take the children through the songs, bit by bit, ensuring they know them inside out! We like to encourage our oranges every step of the way and want them to sing loud and sing proud! We create a safe environment in which the children don’t need to be worried about being a little bit silly, encouraging a growing confidence within each and every child.

Main School

Ages 11-18 and Ages 7-10

At Starburst Theatre School we absolutely LOVE to sing, pupils AND teachers. Our blue and purple singing classes start with a good warm up that concentrates on all the important parts of singing including dynamics and diction. We feel that it is important for our pupils to learn as they sing therefore our classes are peppered with lots of basic musical theory to get them started on their singing journeys! Song and information sheets are supplied for the pupils for them to build their knowledge which can then be applied to the songs they learn.
For our Winter term showcase, the teacher (with some input from the young people), will pick a range of technically challenging, age appropriate songs to sing and will work towards perfecting each piece in class. In our summer term, we then get to work on the songs for our larger, joined school show. Our singing classes are filled with fun and a real passion for music is always displayed. We believe that if you can talk, you can sing!