Sherryn Mulligan

Dram Teacher

It has been a privilege to teach drama in Starburst Theater School for the last 5 years. While I have loved being part of an amazing team of teachers, assistant teachers and volunteers, what I feel most encouraged by, is that Starburst embraces children and teenagers with many difficulties and disabilities. As a teacher of Stage works and Drama, I could write a list of benefits on why drama is so important, but for me the main ones are, developing communication and social skills not to mention heaps of fun. I love teaching a subject that encourages self confidence. Each week our ‘ orange ‘ group ( 3-7 years old) bounce enthusiastically through the door to take part in a Stage works class where they learn about theater life, including classes on stage makeup, costume, and how to make a set. Their drama class consists of a variety of drama games to teach them skills, making up their own fairy tales , hot seating where they get to talk about a chosen topic, and acting through puppetry. They are a joy to teach! Our main school drama class focuses on encouraging the development of confidence through creative thinking, role play and improvisation. All pupils have the opportunity to take part in festivals and group grading. They especially enjoy taking part in our Christmas showcase delivering poetry, short plays and monologues and are even more excited to be part of our Summer Musical Show. If you want your child to learn life skills, explore their creative side, make friendships that can last a lifetime and ‘allow their imagination to run wild and free ‘in a safe environment, then I have no doubt they will love coming to drama class at Starburst.