How it all began

Starburst Theatre School opened in 2006 by Karen Elliot.  She set it up with the love and determination that is omnipresent within the school today. Karen strived to ensure every child felt special and could grow as a performer. We were fortunate enough to know Karen through her weekly singing lessons with my daughters, Alex and  Sarah. In 2013 we decided to take on Karen’s ‘child’ with the new management of Alex and myself.

Our family have been involved in musical theatre for 16 years and have gained valuable experiences along the way.  We bring a family feel to the schools and have a high standard of pastoral care to each student. We know that each pupil has a different way of learning and a variation of speeds in which they process new skills.

We are blessed with a fantastic team of Teachers and Assistants, Front of House Staff and Volunteers who are happy to devote each Saturday to the amazing kids that all love Starburst as much as we do.

We all work as a team to create an environment in which every student is made to feel safe and cared for. They gain an understanding of the world of theatre through learning a variety of skills such as dance, drama and singing which enhances their social skills and more importantly, they have fun in doing so.

We are an all abilities school and are proud of that status.  We work with our students in each of their difficulties, big or small, to make sure they enjoy each week and can grow as an individual.

We take pride in each of our student’s achievements and love to see them perform and smile on stage. When working together and performing as one, they never cease to amaze us. We are very proud of them.

We love to see new faces and we run a buddy scheme, which allows new students to settle in from week one. We pride ourselves on keeping a close eye on anyone who finds it hard to fit in.

Starburst is a way of life for us now as a family and has taken over nearly every room in our house.  We love to brainstorm and try new things and are always on the look out for something new that might be of interest to our students.

We understand that for some families, they make sacrifices to be able to send their children to us and we want to make sure that they get the best teaching possible whilst having fun along the way.

To see their faces on stage receiving applause for their hard work is a beautiful moment for all involved. We love each student, and we are very proud of each and every one of them.

We look forward to many years with our team and feel blessed that we can be involved in these young lives and watch them develop into young adults and most importantly, performers.

Wendy & Alex McFarlane